Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM) Training and Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

Help parents use nurturing touch to feel closer to their babies, reduce their colic and fussing, and help them become healthier and happier. 

Infant Massage USA®'s internationally recognized, comprehensive, four-day, Parent Educator Certification Training includes everything you need to get started.

Infant Massage USA’s 15-point core curriculum, designed by Vimala McClure, author of Infant Massage, A Handbook for Loving Parents gives you the knowledge base, experience and confidence you need to fulfill your role as an instructor.

Students get practical experience teaching infant massage through the three-day parent-baby class that is part of each training, and through a practicum in your own agency or community afterwards.

Scroll down for information on training costs, how to enroll, Continuing EDUCATION, our curriculum and more.

The training was excellent. I can tell a lot of thought has gone into the format.

Giving the classes has confirmed for me that I really do have a passion for this field. I enjoy offering parents and caregivers this program to help the development of their children.
— Student Member

Frequently Asked Questions


What will I be able to do with the training?

As a Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM), you will be able to work to educate parents and families in private, group, hospital and agency settings. In addition to teaching parents, you will be qualified to present information about infant massage in your community, participate in research studies, conduct in-service programs, and present at professional conferences.

Teaching infant massage education to parents and caregivers offers a rewarding opportunity to enhance parent-infant bonding, improve and maintain the physical well-being of babies, and facilitate long-term, positive emotional development in families.

Please note that this completing this certification confirms you have completed requirements pertaining to the education of parents and caregivers and does not intend licensure for hands-on massage or qualify CEIMs to practice hands-on massage.

What is the cost for training?

The cost of the four-day training is $695. The tuition includes books and reading materials, the four-day-training, home assignment review and certification and a one year membership with Infant Massage USA.

Discounts and Payment Options

Early Bird Discount - Training fee is just $675 when you are registered and paid-in-full 3 weeks or more in advance of the training.

Group Discount - Register as a group (three or more) and receive a 10% discount.

Save Your Place Payment Option - Save your place in the training for $100 and pay the remaining $595 at training. (Not eligible for discounts)

Continuing Education

There is an additional $15 CEU fee for students applying for continuing education credits. Learn more about CEUs here.


You will need a doll to learn and teach infant massage. Teaching dolls are available from the Infant Massage USA Store.


Should a training be cancelled by the trainer, the students will be notified at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Any deposit will be refunded or transferred to a future workshop.

Should a student be unable to attend the activity, the student will forfeit the $100 deposit or the full $100 deposit will be transferred to a future training. Balance of payments can be transferred to another training or refunded.

Contact your trainer directly to arrange for refunds or registration for a future training.

How do I enroll in a training?

View all our upcoming trainings from the Become An Educator page. On the calendar, click on the training location that you would like to attend to view the full details and enrollment form.

Have a specific Trainer in mind? Go to our Trainer page to access their enrollment form directly.

Who should attend?

People in a variety of professional fields have found this training to be a wonderful addition to their skills, or a whole new area they want to work in, such as -

  • Childbirth educators

  • NICU staff (such as neonatal OTs, PTs, and SLPs)

  • Early intervention specialists

  • Midwives

  • Doulas

  • Nurses

  • Child life specialists

  • Massage therapists

  • Lactation consultants,

  • Social workers

  • Parents and many others!

There are no pre-requisites for the training except to be at least 18 years old and able to communicate well with parents and caregivers.

We also offer CEUs to participants from many different fields, from nurses to massage therapists to social workers. 

Who are the Trainers?

Infant Massage USA Certification Trainings are led by International Trainers who have gone through extensive training with the International Association of Infant Massage, located in Sweden. The minimum requirements for International Trainers include 5 years as a CEIM and experience teaching infant massage education to over 100 families/caregivers, though our Trainers have far exceeded those requirements.

They are part of an international Circle of Trainers which defines the course curriculum, updates it regularly, and work as independent contractors with IMUSA. 

I have questions about a specific training - who should I contact?

Contact the Trainer directly for any questions about class availability, travel arrangements, payment questions or issues or other training specific questions.

You can always find out which Trainer is hosting a training by simply clicking on the training on the Calendar here.

For general questions, get in touch with Infant Massage USA.

How do I become certified?

  1. Part I includes attending the in-depth four-day certification training, from 9 am - 5 pm each day.

  2. Part II includes completing a take-home assignment/exam after the training and

  3. Hosting a five-week infant massage education class in your area, with at least 5 parents/caregivers participating, following the training. (We refer to this as the practicum.)

  4. Submit your certification package to your International Trainer for review within time period specified by your trainer.

Included in the training fee is a one-year Student Membership with Infant Massage USA beginning with the training date. This membership is updated to ‘CEIM Membership’ when the student receives CEIM status.

Once these requirements are completed, students are certified as a CEIMs (Certified Educator of Infant Massage) and become a full member of Infant Massage USA, and recognized world-wide as a Certified Educator with the International Association of Infant Massage, headquartered in Sweden, which has representatives in over 70 countries around the world.

What is included in the curriculum?

The training curriculum was created to be comprehensive, evidence-based, interactive, and personal. It is based on the 15-point curriculum developed by Vimala McClure, author of Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents and offers three opportunities to participate in supervised parent-baby infant massage education classes. Our training presents protocols, adaptations and techniques to work with families and their babies born prematurely and/or with special needs and involves both practical and theoretical work.

The training curriculum covers:

  • History of infant massage and of the IAIM

  • Massage techniques and how to adapt these skills as infants develop

  • Communication, teaching, group facilitation and lesson planning skills

  • Effects and benefits of infant massage

  • Bonding and the relationship between massage and bonding

  • Infant and child development in relationship to massage

  • Infant cues, crying and behavioral states

  • Massage for special situations (colic, babies born prematurely or with other additional needs, etc)

  • Infant handling and positioning

  • Understanding, supporting and valuing parents

  • Touch research

  • Marketing and promoting massage classes

  • Safety guidelines for the use of oils


The learning objectives for the Part I (4 day training course) and Part II (exam and practicum) are below.

Infant Massage Certification Training Part I

4 day Training Course

  • Identify the benefits of infant massage for the infant/child and Parent/caregiver.

  • Recall research studies regarding the importance of touch in the healthy growth and development of a child.

  • Correctly perform basic stroking techniques.

  • Summarize stroke variations for the older child.

  • Demonstrate infant massage skills and techniques to parents and caregivers.

  • Describe relaxation and visualization techniques for parent/caregivers and infants.

  • Observe parent-infant interactions and possible challenges.

  • Define good communication skills that will empower the parent/caregiver.

  • Identify families that require special considerations to empower and nurture them.

  • Analyze strategies for advertising infant massage in the community.

  • Formulate a marketing plan for infant massage education in your community or workplace.

  • Know the potential contributions they make in their workplace, communities, and in the Infant Massage USA organization through their work with nurturing touch and infant massage.

Infant Massage Certification Training Part II


  • To achieve certification the student must successfully complete the exam.

  • Demonstration in essay form new knowledge from current literature in five (5) key topical areas:

  • Growth and Development

  • Research supporting infant massage concepts

  • Bonding

  • Special situations

  • Crying

  • Plan and document a marketing presentation.

  • Present the 5-session infant massage education class to five parent/baby dyads.

What's the difference between Educator, Instructor and Trainer?

The terms we use are CEIM, CIMI and IAIMT. 

CIMI - Certified Instructor of Infant Massage
(sometimes shortened to Instructor) 
CIMI is the title the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) located in Sweden uses for those who have completed the 4 day training and practicum requirements. It is recognized in over 50 countries. 


CEIM - Certified Educator of Infant Massage
(sometimes shortened to Educator) 
CEIM is the term IMUSA, the US chapter of the IAIM uses. CEIMs have completed the 4 day training class and practicum requirements and are also recognized as CIMIs. Click here to view the current CEIM training calendar.


IAIMT - International Association of Infant Massage Trainer
(sometimes shortened to Trainer or International Trainer) 
A Trainer is a CEIM who who has gone through extensive training with IAIM. The minimum requirements for International Trainers include 5 years as a CEIM and experience teaching over 100 families/caregivers. Trainers teach the 4 day training classes and certify CEIMS.  If you are interested in becoming an International Trainer, click here to go to the IAIM website and learn more.

Is IAIM the same as IMUSA?

IAIM is the International Association of Infant Massage and is located in Sweden.

IMUSA is Infant Massage USA and is the United States Chapter of IAIM.


Private Trainings

If you have multiple staff members you would like to be trained, contact a Trainer in your area to set up a private training. Our Trainers are happy to work with you to create the most cost effective option to train your staff.

No Trainings Currently In Your Area

If no training is listed in your area, and you would like to help set one up in your community, please contact a Trainer.


Conflict of Interest and Disclosure

Infant Massage USA is committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards. An essential element of preserving the organization’s integrity is to avoid a circumstance where any Infant Massage USA trainer receives any improper personal benefit from his or her service to the Infant Massage USA organization.
There is no conflict of interest for anyone with the ability to control content for this activity.